What should you do when your car reaches the end of its life?

Tell us when and where

There’s no disguising the fact that having a car which can’t go back on the road is an annoying situation to be in. But you can save yourself an awful lot of hassle and money – in fact you can make a respectable sum – just by ringing us today. No messing about with paying for it to be removed. We’ll take care of collection and disposal – and we’ll pay you for the vehicle! All you need to do is tell us when and where!

Taking care of all of the legal issues

You might be surprised to learn it, but there is indeed legal paperwork which needs to be filled in and submitted when you have a vehicle destroyed. The DVLA is going to want to know when you’ve destroyed the vehicle, and we’ll help you by making sure that this is all correctly filled in.

Making sure that your vehicle is disposed of correctly

A car’s pretty big and pretty complex – not the sort of thing that you can just chuck away and hope for the best. There’s a very real safety and environmental concern with any vehicle which needs to be disposed of. We’ll resell any components which can still be used, recycle any materials which we can and make sure that anything else is disposed of as safely as possible. This is all part of our environmentally friendly programme of responsible disposal.

Make the best of an old car that’s had its day.
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