Expertise and experience

Call in the experts

If you’re going to attempt to safely move and dispose of over a tonne of scrap metal, you’d better be very sure of what you’re doing! Or better still, save yourself the trouble and get us to do it for you. After over a quarter of century in the business, we can have an old vehicle up and away quicker than you might think. We’re DVLA registered – evidence that you can trust us to do the best job!

We’re qualified to help you with the legal aspects

Because we’re DVLA registered, we’re able to help you to complete the legal paperwork saying that your vehicle has been taken off of the road. Not just that, we’ll provide you with a free Certificate of Destruction for your records, proving that your car was professionally disposed of.

Licensed to help the world

Looking after the environment is very important to us. We’re committed to recycling and sensible disposal. We’re licensed with the Environment Agency, which demands high standards from disposal and recycling specialists.

Make sure that the qualified professionals take care of your scrap.
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