Waste metal doesn’t have to be a waste at all!

The easy way to get rid of scrap

There’s no doubt that large commercial and industrial stripping and clearance generates an awful lot of scrap! Expensive, dangerous and useless scrap which clogs up your site and – if you’re engaged in an industrial project – gets in the way of work. It’s pretty annoying. So how do you turn that loss into an advantage? Simple! Get in touch with us.

Free skips for commercial scrap!

Skips can be quite expensive – and that’s on top of your other costs. But it’s a cost you can avoid by getting in touch with us! We deliver and set up skips for scrap metal to all commercial customers. Think about that – free skip supply and collection and good prices paid for all of your scrap. What business wouldn’t consider that a good deal?

Household scrap

If you’ve got scrap around the house, you’re going to want to get rid of it with a minimum of hassle. We’ll collect your scrap metal, and we specialise in free collection of end of life vehicles.

Transform your scrap into cash!
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